Kids Services


Bang Trim $10+


Shampoo & Style $30+

Price can vary based on amount of detangling or amount of hair, $10 for extra added curls, braids, ect.


Little Tot Haircut (0 to 3yrs) $30+


Kids Haircut (3 and up) (Includes wash and style) $35+

*Extra cost for extra hair and detangling


Kids Designer Cut (tweens) $50+

Includes wash and style, haircuts that take a little more time, extra long hair, layers, funky cuts and style that require more time for the stylist.


Buzz $20+

Single guard buss all over with no shampoo.


Style Lessons $60/60 mins

Sit down with a stylist one on one. We will go over care and maintenance of your childs hair. Learn a few quick and easy hairstyles you can do at home. Includes shampoo and style of your childs hair and take home accessories.